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Posted by Christopher
August 3, 2017

My experience with Colleen Metroka was all positive and I would HIGHLY recommend her services. From my initial meeting to the completion of my case, she was always available to answer the numerous questions I had for her. Colleen treated me with dignity and compassion...which was not the case with other attorneys I met with in the area. A+ rating from me!

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· Patricia Polonetsky

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Posted by Patricia
June 11, 2015

I had nothing but the best service you could ask for. She was always readily available . always returned my calls . No hidden fees . she had free consultation . She explained everything in detail what was to be expected what we needed to do how much all the fees were. never ripped us off. 100% satisfied with her... 

· Would I reccommend Atty Colleen Metroka?? YES

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Posted by Diane
February 22, 2012

I was very nervous to go bankruptcy but Atty Colleen Metroka helped me understand how it works without talking down to me. I had alot of credit cards I could no longer keep up with because I lost my job and now I have to pay for my family,meds and rent with very little money and nothing left to pay on my cards. The collectors were calling me day and night. I couldn't take it anymore. I just needed someone to help me. I met with another Atty, but he did not make me feel com fortable.
I decided to give it another try with someone else. I saw Atty Colleen Metrokas ad in the newspaper. I made an appointment, she saw me within a week of my call. She asked me simple questions to get started and she put it in her computer(it took about 1 hour), I had to fax her some info about my creditcards and stuff I own and she did the rest. I had to sign some papers, but no long forms to fill out ( thats what I was afraid of). I took the manditory bankruptcy course on line (easy). Thats pretty much everything. As soon as the case was filed the calls stopped (thank you)
I now have to go to the hearing (I did not get the date from the court yet). Of course I am nervous about that too. Atty Metroka said she will be there with me at the hearing to guide me. She said after my bankruptcy is approved, I will be free and clear of my debt and no longer have to worry about paying the credit cards.
Would I reccommend Atty Colleen Metroka?? YES

· Atty. Colleen Metroka The Right Choice

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Posted by anonymous
August 12, 2010

Atty. Colleen Metroka helped me through a difficult time. She answered my questions and kept me informed. I am glad she was there for me. She was the right choice.


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Posted by anonymous
February 16, 2010

My husband and I filed a bankruptcy action with Attorney Metroka recently and we were both very grateful we had chosen her to represent us. We never expected to be in a position to need to a bankruptcy at this point in our lives, but she was kind and genuinely concerned for us. She is a wiz at bankruptcies! You, too wil be very satisfied...take our word for it!

· I Strongly Recommend Atty. Colleen Metroka!

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Posted by Suzanne
September 25, 2009

I am very satisfied with the way my bankruptcy was handled! I was referred by a friend who praised Atty. Colleen Metroka as her lawyer in a bankruptcy case. Atty. Metroka has low fees, but she was available to me when I needed answers to my questions. She patiently explained the law to me and I felt very confident in her knowledge. I never felt rushed and I appreciated her compassion with my situation. I had some tricky situations to my case and Colleen was able to assure me everything would be OK. And it was! At my bankruptcy hearing everything went smoothly! I am now debt free and ready to make a fresh start! I have since referred Atty. Metroka to a friend with confidence that my friend will be able to be in a better situation than she is now.